Understanding Dryvit Issues

To better understand what can be considered Dryvit issues, it is important to understand what Dryvit is.

Dryvit is a brand name of EIFS that is used commonly interchanged in the industry. Much like Kleenex is a brand of tissue, they are not the only suppliers.

EIFS, or Exterior Insulation Finishing System, is a class of non-load-bearing cladding that protects external walls with an insulated, water-resistant, finished surface. In simple terms, it keeps the outside walls dry and prevents water intrusion.

Most EIFS systems today are installed with a drainage system. Which moves any trapped moisture out of the wall cavity, keeping things dry. Of course, a system that is not installed properly, or simply is failing over time, will lead to issues, such as:

  • Rotting Wood—Water intrusion can damage the internal wood components of walls, making them weaker and eventually causing structural damage
  • Mold—Growing in dark, wet places, mold can create a health hazard for anyone in the building and requires professional involvement for severe cases
  • Pests—Weakening of the outer structures can lead to openings for insects and other pests to make a home within the walls
  • Cracked Drywall—Damage to the internal drywall result from water intrusion

Any of these issues can remain undetected for years. Which is why we recommend at least an annual inspection of any installed EIFS system. We can advise if there are any major issues and provide the resources to correct them.

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Understanding Dryvit Issues in Homes

Professional Inspections

Most times, Dryvit issues are not visually apparent from just a visual inspection. Which makes a professional inspection critical to find any underlying issues in the EIFS.

Cliff Kapson Consulting Ltd. offers complete inspections and a comprehensive report that details all the findings. This provides clients with an accurate account of the external cladding’s health. Alerting them of potential issues or providing the building’s cladding a clean bill of health.

This kind of report is essential to those who are relocating and want to avoid any surprises when purchasing a new home or building for their business. Moisture intrusion leads to several structural issues that result in enormous costs.

Do not let an inspector convince you that you can complete a thorough inspection without some invasive testing. An inspector cannot convince you that a thorough inspection can be completed without some invasive testing, as areas can be missed without clear visual issues, and issues will continue to propagate. Some methods are more invasive than others, but they all require some prodding into joints, flashing, framing, and other elements of the building.

Commercial Dryvit Issues

Rely on our Experience

Cliff Kapson Consulting Ltd. has over 20 years of experience in the industry. We specialize in the inspection of residential and commercial building envelopes or cladding. This includes stone, stucco, brick, and composite board.

We are available as inspectors and consultants nationwide. Our team provides the most detailed inspections and reports available in the industry. They feature comprehensive details on the inspection, findings, issues, and routes to handle any issue found.

Each report includes detailed imagery and recorded readings that pertain to the building or home. This outlines where the EIFS works properly, but more importantly, shows if there are any concerning areas.

View sample report.

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