Destination-End Residential Inspections for Relocating Professionals

Going through a corporate relocation can be very exciting, and also quite stressful. First time or inexperienced transferees are often surprised to learn about the many corporate relocation eligibility requirements, especially those relating to their home’s exterior cladding.

It makes good sense for relocating professionals to be proactive; to have their potential new home’s exterior cladding inspected prior to committing to a purchase. It makes even more good sense to hire Cliff Kapson Consulting, as we perform a majority of the corporate relocation industry’s exterior cladding inspections. This allows transferees to address any deficiencies on the front end, and rest assured they won’t “get stuck” with any costly repairs should they get relocated in the future. Cliff Kapson Consulting is the industry leader for exterior cladding inspections, and is very familiar with many corporate relocation policies. Numerous transferees have used Cliff Kapson Consulting’s services repeatedly, with the comfort and knowledge that their inspection is completed according to the same protocol and high standard as the inspections performed on behalf of the corporate client and relocation company.

Comprehensive Cladding Evaluations

When evaluating these claddings, our inspection experts check to ensure:

  • the system is properly interfaced with other components of the structure (such as doors, windows, chimneys, decks, and balconies);
  • sealant is present, in good condition, and properly applied;
  • flashing details are properly installed where required; and
  • weep screed or other means of conveyance of moisture are present, and properly installed.

Perhaps a transferee’s home hasn’t previously been inspected, or they may have been unaware of how to properly maintain the system. In our vast experience performing thousands of inspections across the US (including Puerto Rico), Cliff Kapson Consulting has found that over 90% of homes inspected have installation defects that could lead to moisture intrusion and/or hidden damage. Defects and possible damage uncovered during the relocation inspection process can make for a costly learning experience to outgoing transferees. Repairs can cost homeowners both valuable time and money, making an exciting move more stressful.

Siding IDs

Along with full cladding evaluations, Cliff Kapson Consulting also offers “siding IDs” to definitively identify the type of exterior cladding present. Not all corporate clients have the same eligibility requirements to be accepted into the relocation program, so it’s important to know whether or not your home’s cladding is included.

Work with a trusted leader in destination-end residential relocation inspections. Cliff Kapson Consulting is trusted by relocation firms as well as individual professionals to perform residential “destination-end” inspections.

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Relocation inspections for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems