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Cliff Kapson Consulting understands the importance of a properly installed exterior cladding system. Since 1996, Cliff Kapson Consulting has been providing exterior inspection services to corporate relocation companies (including destination-end transferees), private homeowners, and buyers.  Specializing in comprehensive evaluations of:

When evaluating these claddings, our inspection experts check to ensure:

  • the system is properly interfaced with other components of the structure (such as doors, windows, chimneys, decks, and balconies);
  • sealant is present, in good condition, and properly applied;
  • flashing details are properly installed where required; and
  • weep screed or other means of conveyance of moisture are present, and properly installed.

When these components are in place, these cladding systems should perform as intended. Frequently however, the exterior appears to be in sound condition, but breaches in the building envelope have allowed moisture penetration to occur. Moisture intrusion and damage to the substrate can only be detected through the methods and tools we utilize to conduct our inspections. It’s important to note that just because there are defects present, it doesn’t mean the system has failed. ALSO important to note is if defects are not corrected, the system WILL eventually fail.


The Cliff Kapson Difference

Cliff Kapson Consulting’s report provides clients with a full overview of the structure’s exterior cladding system.  Rather than only focus on problems discovered during the inspection, we also incorporate components of the system that are present and properly integrated. We include a sampling of photos that highlight both proper and improper findings. When moisture probing is performed, marked up photos are included which indicate the location and moisture reading results. But we don’t stop there.

Specific solutions to all existing problems are provided, and further supported by construction details and/or drawings. Having this information empowers clients to knowledgably engage a qualified contractor to perform necessary remedial action. 

Cliff Kapson Consulting does not perform any repairs, as we feel that’s a conflict of interest. We do offer consultations, assisting clients when comparing bids for repairs, or responding to building or contractor allegations that certain repairs are not necessary or required. In some cases, clients engage our third party repair monitoring to confirm repairs are completed correctly. We stress ongoing maintenance, and clients appreciate our assistance in understanding the necessary maintenance steps to ensure the system continues to perform as intended.

Cliff Kapson Consulting Ltd is not affiliated with and does not receive any compensation from any contractors, and provides a list as a courtesy only; you are welcome to use anyone on our list, or any other contractor of your choosing.

To experience our comprehensive inspection and report, call us at 888.304.3437 or complete our short contact form.

Residential Inspections for Relocating Professionals

Cliff Kapson Consulting is trusted by relocation firms as well as individual professionals to perform residential “destination-end” inspections. Relocation companies often refer transferees to Cliff Kapson Consulting as we are very familiar with many corporate relocation policies. Transferees rest assured that their inspection and report are completed according to the same protocol and high standards that corporate clients have come to expect. Many transferees have used Cliff Kapson Consulting’s services repeatedly, thereby eliminating the worry of “getting stuck” with costly exterior cladding repairs at the time of their next corporate relocation.

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