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The external cladding of a building is the first line of defense against moisture intrusion and a critical component to keeping external walls dry.

So, choosing to have a building inspected can be the difference between a safe building, and one that may need major repairs in the future.

If you already own a building, we recommend conducting annual inspections if your building has a barrier EIFS system as cladding. We also recommend periodically inspecting other systems to avoid issues. Inspection recommendations vary based on the location of the building.

For example, buildings in the Midwest experience an extreme weather cycle every year. With rain and sleet in the fall. Snow, ice, and temperatures below 0°F in the winter. Rain in the spring. And lots of sun and temperatures over 90°F in the summer. Buildings in these extremes can cause excessive structural movement of many materials. Which can cause joints to fail, ice damming, flashing failure, and structural cracking.

But we can help prevent severe structural damage. We have established our inspection services through years of experience. We adhere to various standards and protocols developed by industry experts. This ensures our clients get accurate, reliable results when requesting an inspection.

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EIFS Inspectors for Home

What is EIFS?

People commonly refer to External Insulation Finishing System, or EIFS, as synthetic stucco, or Dryvit. EIFS is not stucco though. Traditional stucco is a centuries-old, hard, dense, thick, non-insulating material comprising aggregate, a binder, and water. While EIFS is a lightweight synthetic wall cladding made from foam plastic insulation, and thing synthetic coatings.

EIFS is a non-load-bearing exterior wall cladding system comprises an insulation board attached to the substrate, an integrally reinforced base coat, and a textured protective finish coat.

Today, the predominant method of an EIFS installation includes drainage, which provides a way for accumulated moisture to evacuate the wall cavity.

These systems typically comprise components that include:

  • An optional water-resistive barrier (WRB) that covers the substrate
  • A drainage plan between the WRB and the insulation board
  • An insulation board typically made of expanded polystyrene (EPS)
  • Glass-fiber reinforcing mesh
  • Water resistant base coat
  • Finish coat that typically uses colorfast and crack-resistant acrylic co-polymer technology

Overall, the system protects the external components of a home or building. However, as with any other system, it is important for homeowners or building owners to regularly inspect the system to prevent surprises that can cause high costs or structural damage.

EIFS Inspectors for Companies

Experienced EIFS Inspectors

Cliff Kapson Consulting Ltd. specializes in the inspection and evaluation of both commercial and residential building envelopes or claddings. This includes stone, EIFS (Dryvit), stucco, brick, and composite board siding.

We have over 20 years of industry experience and have served clients ranging from individual homeowners to large corporations.

Here, we take great pride in providing the most comprehensive inspection and report available anywhere. It provides our clients with all the information and support they need to complete repairs, follow maintenance guidelines, and even pursue legal action if necessary.

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