Stucco Inspections

Cliff Kapson Consulting offers professional Stucco Inspections as well as consultations all throughout the United States. Our Stucco Inspections are very detailed and look for both minor and major issues. We offer two levels of Stucco inspections that have varying levels of details and items included.

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Stucco Inspections – Level I

The first level of Stucco Inspections offered by Cliff Kapson Consulting is observational only, we record what can be visual observed in detailed notes that can easily be used to correct any issues. We can also make recommendations of specific solutions, if appropriate.

In the Level I Stucco Inspections we look for signs of:

  • Efflorescence on surface
  • Mold on surface
  • Mildew on surface
  • Staining on surface
  • Physical damage
  • Cracking
  • Manufacturer and/or stucco industry standard installation
    • proper termination at grade and on roof areas
    • presence of proper weep screed
    • weep ropes or vents and properly integrated flashing
    • presence of proper kickout flashing
    • window and door flashing
    • proper slope and flashing of concrete sills at stucco transitions and/or stucco sills
    • installation of appropriate backer rod and sealant
    • presence of proper control joints and expansion joints where appropriate

We do photograph items identified that should be remedied and include them with our stucco inspections.

Stucco Inspections – Level II

The second level of Stucco Inspections includes everything from level I but expands to include a detailed sketch of the structure depicting an aerial of the structure with windows, doors, attachments and system penetrations. This sketch also is used to indicate moisture readings that are performed. The second level of Stucco Inspections include moisture readings using a probe.

The moisture readings in our level II Stucco Inspections often can determine if there is a damaged substrate behind the stucco when readings are above 29%. When moisture readings are elevated above 29%, depending on the areas affected, we can recommend solutions in our Stucco Inspections final report that is delivered to you.

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