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Certified Stucco Inspectors Are you looking to purchase a home or property that utilizes an exterior insulation finishing system such a stucco or dryvit? Before you move forward in the process, be sure to find  professional stucco inspectors to give you an assessment on the EIFS used on the property. If there are gaps in the lining, moisture could be leaking into the structure, causing unknown and unseen damage. At first glance, everything may appear fine to the untrained eye, but the experts at Cliff Kapson consulting have you covered.

When you choose us to perform your stucco inspections, we begin a 5-step process to ensure you know exactly what to expect:

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Cliff Kapson Stucco Inspector Process – A Breakdown

The experts at Cliff Kapson Consulting, Ltd., have come up with a 5-step process to make sure all of our customers know the true condition of their EIFS. If you want to learn more about this process, we’ve broken down our steps below.

Level 1 & 2 Stucco Inspections

When initially contacted for a consultation, one of our stucco inspectors will conduct level 1 and 2 inspections. These inspections include:

  • Inspecting the building for any visual evidence of mildew, mold, or other staining
  • Identifying visible cracks in the stucco
  • Inspecting the EIFS for physical damage or irregularities
  • A thorough visual inspection for compliance of the stucco to manufacturer and industry standard installation details. This can include ensuring proper termination at grade and on roof area, presence of control joins and expansion joints, and more.

Once our stucco inspector finalizes the first 2 evaluations, they move onto the Property sketching and moisture readings phase.

Sketching of the property and moisture readings by certified Stucco Inspectors

Once the initial inspections of the property are complete, our stucco inspectors will create an aerial-view sketch of your property with visual indicators, when possible, of all doors, windows, attachments, and system penetrations. This lays the foundation for the next step, which is utilizing a penetrating probe meter in identified areas of moisture intrusion. Due to the nature of the components used in stucco, our inspectors need to utilize this technique as opposed to other surface scanners. During this process, we are observing moisture levels in areas that should be sealed. If we identify any areas between 21 and 29% moisture readings, we believe that proper intervention can prevent damage from occurring. Over 29% typically indicates potential damage to the structure in the area and we will recommend a full stucco removal. Anything below 21% is typically indicative of a healthy stucco application except in rare cases such as dry rot, which we can identify based on the substrate’s softness. When we complete our readings, our experts will seal any penetration points using approved sealants, then use the data we’ve compiled in combination with the sketching to provide a full analysis of the building with readings transposed over the sketching for an easy-to-understand breakdown.

Data Evaluation, Compilation, and Report

Once our stucco inspectors have completed their thorough inspection of the property, we will use all available data points to identify problems within the stucco and provide you with an extensive report, complete with recommended solutions, photo logs, and the sketching with moisture readings. We believe that providing anything less for our clients would be a disservice, and our findings should help you repair the property if needed, or rest easy if our findings come back and everything is well-maintained.

Call the expert stucco inspectors at Cliff Kapson today at 888-304-3437 for a thorough evaluation of your property. You can also fill out the form on this page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.