Dryvit Inspections in Naperville

Dryvit Inspections in NapervilleDryvit is a brand name for exterior insulation and finish systems. Dryvit Inspections include the inspection of the exterior cladding systems of a building. Dryvit is the company name and they have different stucco systems including coat stucco, EIFS systems, and decorative systems. If you’re needing to inspect an older building, call Cliff Kapson Consulting. Our highly skilled inspectors are trained in Dryvit Inspections and can provide you with the reporting needed to make an informed decision on a purchase. We can be reached by calling 888-304-3437 or filling out the form on this page and one of our experts will be in touch.

Moisture Inspections

Essentially, Dryvit Inspections are inspections that verify if water or moisture has built up behind the stucco causing damage to your wall. These Dryvit Inspections involve an inspector using a moisture meter to gauge moisture on various points around the exterior of the structure. From the inspection, a report is generated to identify where repairs are needed. Most homeowners, especially of older buildings, will have this inspection done annually or every couple of years as part of regular home maintenance. These maintenance checks will help prevent long-term damage to the home.

Monitoring for Repairs

Upon completion of Dryvit Inspections, a report is given to the client and a qualified repair contractor is contacted. However, this doesn’t end our relationship just yet. It’s essential that the building owners ensure that the contractors complete the repairs in a manner that’s consistent with the manufacturer’s industry standards. At Cliff Kapson, we have a repair-monitoring program that gives peace of mind to our customers but also, helps assist property managers in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility. Once repairs are completed, Cliff Kapson will submit a “Final Letter of Completion” with photo documentation that the work is complete. When you’re ready to work with the experts for Dryvit Inspections, call us at 888-304-3437 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch.

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