Commercial Property Inspection Services in Chicago

Commercial Property Inspection Services in ChicagoIf you’re in the market to buy a property, be sure to have a proper Commercial Property Inspection. The inspection will clarify any defects or problems with the interior or exterior of the building you’re seeking to purchase. A Commercial Property Inspection can include a number of documents in the inspection process including, appraisals, building plans, citations and/or certificates of occupancy. Some companies may verify that the proper permits were issued too. Hiring an inspector shouldn’t be difficult if you just call Cliff Kapson Consulting. With decades in the business, we know exactly what we are looking for in every Commercial Property Inspection we do. We can be reached at 888-304-3437 or fill out the form on this page.

The Commercial Property Inspection Details

Commercial Property Inspection is an inspection that focuses on the exterior and interior of a building. Essentially, anything from the roof to the foundation. A customer can request that only representative sample of items be tested otherwise, the full inspection will include inspections of all surfaces, structures, and equipment within the commercial property. A visual review of the space will identify and structural damage to the property. The electrical or mechanical systems will take some deeper inspecting.

Depending on the size and type of building, the Commercial Property Inspection could vary. If the customer chooses to inspect only a portion of the building, that’s called a representative sample. Typically, the findings that are compiled will be put into a final inspection report. The final report will include a written summary and photos that detail all the findings. From this report, a potential buyer can make a decision that’s best for them.

Commercial Property Inspections Worldwide

Cliff Kapson Consulting has been serving the public with their Commercial Property Inspections for 20+ years. We are certified in a number of areas to best serve the needs of our customers. Don’t wait any longer, call us at 888-304-3437 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll get started. We service Chicago and many other cities around the nation.

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