Exterior Cladding Inspections

home exterior inspectionsCliff Kapson Consulting, Ltd, has over 20 years of experience in professional Exterior Cladding Inspections. In fact, it’s our specialty. We inspect and evaluate the exterior of homes and commercial building envelopes or claddings including stone, brick, composite board siding, EIFS and stucco. Our clients range from individual homeowners to large corporations.

At Cliff Kapson Consulting, Ltd, we are available for inspections and consultations everywhere in the United States and even provide services to some areas of Canada. If you have any questions, would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment, call us today at 888-304-3437. If you prefer, you can fill out the quick form on the right of this page or email us at [email protected] and one of our associates will get back to you within 24 hours.

Certified Exterior Cladding Inspections

Our team of professional inspectors have gone through rigorous training and have earned numerous certifications to give you the most thorough and complete inspections and evaluations possible. Our inspectors are insured and a few of our certifications include:

  • AWCI Certified Third Party EIFS Inspector (#108802)
  • Moisture Warranty® Certified Inspector
  • Nationwide Dryvit® Class Action Settlement Certified Inspector
  • EDI Certified Third Party Inspector for Moisture Analysis and Building Envelopes (#IL—42)

At Cliff Kapson Consulting, we take pride in providing our clients with the most comprehensive and thorough inspections and reports available anywhere. Included in our reports are both proper and improper installation details, recommendations for repairing defects and structural repairs, maintenance guidelines, and if necessary, the pursuit of legal action.

Exterior Cladding Inspections with Cliff Kapson Consulting

If you have any questions, would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment, call our toll-free number today at 888-304-3437 or if you prefer you can fill out the short form to the right or email us at [email protected] and one of our representatives will respond within 24 hours.

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