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Exterior Insulation and Finish System Inspections in ChicagoThe exterior layer of your home plays a crucial role in protecting interior components, like walls and foundation. Water damages homes and results in potential structural damage. Which makes exterior insulation and finish system inspections critical.

At Cliff Kapson Consulting Ltd., we have been providing inspections in Chicago for over 20 years. EIFS inspections test your exterior walls to assess if there are any moisture penetration issues.

EIFS inspections test exterior walls for insulation effectiveness, water-resistance, and the appearance of the finished surface. We conduct thorough inspections and provide a detailed report.

Clients must be careful not to believe any inspector who claims that they can conduct a thorough evaluation without invasive testing. Sometimes, issues are not visually present and, if left unchecked, they result in expensive repairs.

Our inspections begin with a complete visual evaluation of the property. Where we look for cracks, breaks, discoloration, or other types of damage. We follow that with more invasive testing that allows the measurement of moisture and the condition of the substrate.

So, if you need to ensure your cladding works as needed, please call 888-304-3437. There, one of our representatives can help you schedule an inspection in Chicago. To send us a message instead, please fill out the form found on this page, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Certified Exterior Insulation and Finish System Inspections

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems are more commonly known as synthetic stucco or Dryvit. People use it on a multitude of structures, including hotels, houses, office buildings, and strip malls.

Though one of the few commonalities between stucco and EIFS is their look. Authentic stucco is more expensive to install and requires more effort.

There are two EIFS types, Barrier and Water-Managed. Before the year 2000, contractors predominantly used Barrier EIFS, and they introduced water-managed systems around the mid-1990s.

At Cliff Kapson Consulting LTD., we inspect both types of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems in Chicago and will make repair recommendations. We even feature a repair monitoring program that assists clients in repair completions.

This program ensures repairs are done right through random visits, ongoing testing, detailed documentation, and photos of the repairs.

Through our program, we give clients peace of mind and the assurance that contractors will complete any repairs correctly and up to code.

Professional EIFS Inspections in Chicago

We make building cladding inspections easy. From dedicated on-site services to detailed accounts of all findings, you have the assurance of knowing every aspect regarding the inspection and findings.

Our team is proud to provide the best inspections and report available anywhere. We serve clients anywhere in the United States.

Cliff Kapson Consulting LTD. specializes in residential and commercial inspections. For decades, we have served clients of all sizes and needs, from single homeowners to national corporations. Where we provide clients with all the information and support, they need to pursue corrections, repairs, maintenance guidelines, and if necessary, legal action.

Take Advantage of our Exterior Insulation and Finish System Inspections

In Chicago and beyond, we are ready to deliver the most comprehensive exterior insulation and finish system inspections available. To get started, call 888-304-3437 and speak with one of our team members. They can gather all the information to schedule your inspection and can answer your questions. Or send us a message by filling out the form found on this page, and you will hear from us within 24 hours.

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