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If you have EIFS issues on your home or business property, you will need the help of a professional EIFS inspector. No matter how small the problem seems, it needs to be looked at because it could lead to bigger and more expensive problems. If you have issues you need experienced inspectors to find out what’s wrong. At Cliff Kapson Consulting, Inc., we’ve been inspecting homes and businesses for 20 years with EIFS issues.

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Solution with EIFS Issues 

In the mid-1990s, people started to worry about how well EIFS worked. During many inspections, EIFS homes were found to have moisture coming in and damage to the sub-sheathing and framing. The argument was that the barrier EIF system was wrong from the start because its cladding doesn’t let even small amounts of moisture escape. Even though EIFS issues can be handled, they are easier to check than most other exterior materials. This can be seen as a benefit because problems with EIFS can be found earlier than with other materials, which can lock in moisture and go unnoticed for years while causing more damage.

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Through years of inspections, we’ve found that moisture usually gets in through door sills, window frames, balcony and deck connections, and roof flashing. When water comes in large amounts and often, it can do a lot of damage to buildings.

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