Common EIFS Issues

The purchase of a home is a major investment. With that in mind, buyers should have it thoroughly inspected for any hidden problems. If a home uses EIFS, an inspector should check it to avoid costly EIFS issues.

Exterior Insulation and Finish System, or EIFS, maintain external walls dry. It diverts moisture to prevent water damage or high moisture buildup. But over time or with improper installation, EIFS issues can develop.

Some common problems with EIFS include:

  • Moisture penetration
  • Missing weep screed and drainage outlets
  • Poor or missing ventilation channels & drainage
  • Inadequate or missing moisture barriers
  • Damage or cracking in the paneling
  • Poor attachment to the building frame
  • Siding Discoloration
  • Poor waterproofing around doors and windows
  • Wood rot and decay

If left un-checked, these issues result in extensive damage and expensive repairs.

Identifying Water Intrusion

Do not let an inspector convince you that a visual EIFS inspection is enough. Without definite signs of damage, there is no certain way to know if there are EIFS issues.

Our inspectors combine a thorough visual inspection and various meters to measure the moisture content of the building components that are behind the exterior. The visual inspection can help locate trouble areas and, with tools, we detect hidden issues.

One meter we use is the Tramex Wet Wall Detector. Which can detect moisture through electrical impedance. Where the electrical impedance of a material varies in proportion with the moisture content. But, because this meter is not 100% accurate, we pair it with an electrode or pin-type probe meter.

Pin-type meters to determine if there is excessive moisture and the condition of the substrate. The pins penetrate the sheathing and use the principle of electrical resistance to gather the readings.

Addressing EIFS Issues

The selection of a contractor and plan of action depends on the severity of the damage and the work that needs to be done.

Cliff Kapson Consulting delivers a comprehensive report that details everything found through an inspection. Clients have all the information about the health of their cladding and detailed notes on found EIFS issues.

From there, clients can find a qualified contractor to perform the repairs. They must be capable of doing proper repairs and ensuring everything is brought up to standard. Improper repairs will only delay issues and cost more in the long run.

Our team is also available to act as a third-party inspection service to ensure repairs are done properly. This is our repair monitoring service and is made to ensure a smooth repair process.

Understanding EIFS

EIFS comprises several layers to prevent water damage. The external layer resembles stucco with a variety of color options. Underneath that, there is an insulation panel and reinforcement mesh. All these pieces are glued or mechanically attached to the wall. ‘Synthetic stucco’ is a common term used for EIFS.

This external cladding option is cheaper to install than genuine stucco, but can run into issues if not installed properly.

Some of the major EIFS manufacturers include Dryvit, Parex, Sto, and Senergy.

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Common EIFS Issues - Front of home

Types of EIFS

PM (Polymer Modified)

This type of EIFS uses extruded polystyrene insulation (XEPS) and a thick cementitious base coat over a mechanically attached glass fiber mesh. The system has similar joints to traditional stucco and has evolved to use different base coat insulation materials.

PB (Polymer Based)

The most common type in North America. It uses expanded polystyrene (EPS) that is adhered to the substrate with a fiberglass mesh. They are embedded in a base coat that can use additional layers of mesh for a stronger impact resistance.

Common EIFS Issues - Inspector at Work

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Cliff Kapson Consulting Ltd specializes in the inspection and evaluation of commercial and residential buildings. Which focus on Stone, EIFS (Dryvit), Stucco, Brick, and Composite Board envelopes or cladding.

Our clients can benefit from the most comprehensive inspections and reports available anywhere. Where our clients receive all the information and support, they need to pursue corrections and repairs of any EIFS issues.

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