Commercial Inspection Services

Cliff Kapson Consulting, Ltd., has over 20 years of experience providing a variety of comprehensive evaluation services, including Third-Party Special Inspections for new projects and moisture intrusion investigations for existing structures. Our home office is in downtown Chicago, but our services extend well beyond the heart of the Midwest. Cliff Kapson Consulting provides inspection services anywhere in the United States, including Puerto Rico.

commercial-service-pic2Special Inspections include:

  • Site visits at specific stages of construction to ensure conformance with project details and specifications, including code compliance
  • Photo-documentation of site visit and progress of work to verify compliance
  • Checklist and observations provided to construction manager, contractor and/or other designated personnel at the time of site visit
  • Immediate notification of any discrepancies to responsible parties for corrective action
  • Follow-up of any reported discrepancies to verify recommended corrective action has been taken


commercial-service-pic1Moisture Intrusion Investigations include:

  • Visual observation of the entire exterior cladding
  • Inspect for mold, mildew, efflorescence or other staining on the exterior cladding
  • Inspect for structural cracking, physical damage, delamination or any other visual irregularities
  • Inspect the structure for compliance to manufacturer installation details (if applicable)
  • Review of original drawings and specifications, if available, to verify compliance with said plans and specifications
  • Inspect for the presence of required expansion joints at system terminations with dissimilar materials and/or change in substrate, proper roof flashing, and balcony flashing
  • Invasive moisture testing
  • Core sampling (if required)

Upon completion of the inspection, all data compiled will be evaluated and transposed into a report that will detail an evaluation of any problems observed as related to the overall performance of the exterior cladding.

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Commercial Building Inspections: Stone Veneer

Commercial Building InspectionCliff Kapson Consulting, Ltd. has been specializing in commercial building inspections for over 20 years. We perform commercial building inspections for all exterior claddings including EIFS (aka Dryvit), DEFS, Stucco, Stone, Brick, Cement Board, and Composite Board siding. Our expert inspections and comprehensive reports include installation details and recommendations for repairs, structural damage, and maintenance guidelines.  We offer support you may need for legal actions.

Cliff Kapson Consulting, Ltd. has a network of commercial building inspectors available for inspections and consultations anywhere in the United States including Puerto Rico, and parts of Canada. All of our inspectors are experienced and many have certifications from highly regarded industry organizations such as:

  • Association of Walls & Ceiling (AWCI)
  • Exterior Design Institute (EDI)
  • Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau (NWCB)

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