Chicago Dryvit Inspectors

Chicago Dryvit Inspectors

Finding a dedicated, third-party Dryvit Inspector in Chicago is all but mandatory for homeowners and property managers who own buildings which utilize EIFS as an insulation solution. This material requires routine inspections for any liquid or moisture that could be leaking through faulty sealants and damaging the building materials. Cliff Kapson Consulting is one of the leading Dryvit Inspectors in Chicago and proudly offer a comprehensive inspection service with repair follow ups to give our clients peace of mind that their building is being maintained and any contractors are being held to the highest standards.

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Dryvit Inspector & Repair Follow Up

The inspection of the building’s Dryvit application and material is just the first step of the process during building maintenance. The expert Inspectors at Cliff Kapson Consulting offer a repair-monitoring program to ensure that whomever is put in charge of the repairs will follow manufacturer recommendations and industry standards. We provide a customized “Repair Protocol” for our customers that lets them ensure the proper steps are being taken, and we will randomly visit sites to view real working conditions and take photo documentation. If our experts see any issues, we will document them and expect them to be corrected prior to our next visit. Finally, once everything has been completed to our standards, we will provide a final letter of completion along with photo documentation.

Trusted Dryvit Inspectors in Chicago

Cliff Kapson Consulting has been in business for over 20 years and offers nationwide services – our Dryvit inspectors are among the best in the business. We offer the most comprehensive inspections and reports available, so when you choose Cliff Kapson, you know you are choosing a partner that will not cut corners.

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