Dryvit Issues Chicago

Dryvit Issues Chicago

Cliff Kapson Consulting is capable of identifying Dryvit issues in both residential and commercial inspections. Dryvit is a synthetic exterior wall covering designed to look like stucco without the added maintenance needed for the real thing. Dryvit issues can include moisture issues when water seeps through faulty or damaged caulking, ineffective window flashing, chimneys, and other joints throughout a property. Cliff Kapson Consulting has built a reputation as a leader in the industry when it comes to providing identifying Dryvit issues in Chicago and beyond. We are comprised of a team of highly-experienced professionals who will happily assess and address any Dryvit issues that you may have.

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Professionals Identifying Dryvit Issues in Chicago

One of the main selling points of Dryvit, when it was introduced into the construction industry, was its ability to seal out moisture. The problem with this is that it also seals water inside, which can cause interior issues that can damage the structural integrity of your property if left unattended.

Cliff Kapson Consulting inspectors are fully trained and certified in exterior inspections and can give you an accurate and detailed report of your Dryvit issues along with a complete overview of your exterior cladding system. Our Dryvit inspectors use a moisture meter to gauge the amount f moisture on various points around the exterior of the structure. From this inspection, we can tell you exactly where repairs are needed.

Avoid Moisture Damage by Addressing Dryvit Issues in Chicago

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