The Importance of a Dryvit Inspection

The outer layer of our homes is extremely important in keeping moisture, pests, and otherwise protecting the inside of our home. A Dryvit inspection ensures that the exterior cladding of a building is working to keep the walls and foundation dry.

Now, inspections can be critical in protecting your home because they can detect early or present issues with the exterior cladding. Moisture issues can arise with improper or ineffective installation that allows moisture intrusion.

This can lead to rotting walls, windowsills, structural damage, and costly repairs. So, a professional Dryvit inspection can help ensure the protective barrier works as intended.

What is Dryvit?

Dryvit is a manufacturer of synthetic stucco. The name has become commonplace, and people use it interchangeably with this type of exterior cladding. Much like when you think of tissues, you think of Kleenex.

Now, while it is called synthetic stucco, this only refers to its appearance. Genuine stucco takes more time, and it is more expensive to install. So, Dryvit has become a common building finishing material for that classic look.

Dryvit is a final coat that is applied over an Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS). Together, they drain water away from the walls to keep the interior dry.

How can a Dryvit Inspection Protect my Home?

Much like other home inspections, having a professional verify the integrity of an outer cladding can prevent surprises when purchasing a new home. But homeowners can benefit from this type of inspection as well. If water intrusion is discovered, it can help prevent further damage.

Cliff Kapson Consulting LTD. recommends annual inspections for homes clad with EIFS.

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Comprehensive Inspections

What to Expect with a Dryvit Inspection

When receiving an inspection on the exterior of your home, here are some things to expect.

The inspector begins with a visual inspection of the cladding and the protective elements. They look for obvious cracks, damage, discoloration, or other signs of issues.

After a visual inspection, we conduct more testing with specialized equipment to check for unseen issues. One tool we use is the Tramex Wet Wall Detector. Which can detect moisture through electrical impedance technology.

Because this type of meter is not 100% accurate, we also employ more invasive testing. With pin-type meters, we can detect excess moisture and the condition of the substrate. Which can help identify whether damage may have occurred in a specific location.

An important note. Do not let an inspector convince you they can perform a thorough assessment on any EIFS without conducting invasive testing.

What to do if Issues are Found

Part of our inspection services include a comprehensive report. It provides insight into everything regarding the inspection, status of the EIFS, and the health of your Dryvit cladding.

In this report, you can find locations, details, and the severity of any issues found with the Dryvit inspection. Which is important to have when planning repairs. Because it helps determine how extensive repairs need to be.

With the report, you can find the right type of contractor for the job, and repairs can get underway.

If you need a little extra support, we offer a repair-monitoring program. Which provides you with peace of mind and written documentation of said repairs from an independent third-party.

Upon completion of the repairs, we submit a ‘Final Letter of Completion’, accompanied by photo-documentation of our site visits.

Cliff Kapson Consulting Ltd. strives to make any inspection, and following repair monitoring, as simple as possible. To ensure the exterior and interior of your home remain safe and dry.

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Cliff Kapson Consulting Ltd.

We specialize in the inspection and evaluation of residential and commercial buildings. To provide insight into the status of building envelopes or cladding. This includes Stone, EIFS (Dryvit), Stucco, Brick, and Composite Board.

Cliff Kapson Consulting Ltd. takes great pride in providing the most comprehensive inspections and report available anywhere.

To provide our clients with all the information and tools, they need to pursue repairs, corrections, maintenance guidelines, and even legal action.

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