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Home Exterior InspectionsDon’t put off scheduling home exteriors inspections for Stucco or Stone Veneer. It is extremely important to regularly schedule home exteriors inspections, in particular if your home utilizes stucco or stone veneer. Cliff Kapson Consulting has the skills and certifications necessary to confidently diagnose your home during home exterior inspections and prevent small repairs becoming larger problems.

Our home exterior inspections are available nationwide, and if you have any questions or concerns regarding a possible home exterior inspection, call us right away at 888-304-3437. You can also contact us by simply filling out the online request form located on this page.

Certified Experts for your Home Exterior Inspections

Our inspectors are certified by national organizations to perform home exterior inspections and extensively trained in diagnosing issues in in all building materials. Stucco and stone veneer entail a multilevel exam; visual observation and through rigorous testing. Cliff Kapson Consulting is recognized by leading stucco manufacturers as certified home exterior inspectors for their materials.

We make it our goal to assist the client as best we can by identifying problem areas during a home exterior examination before a more affordable repair evolves into a costly repair. Write us an email with any home exterior inspection questions at [email protected] and we will answer within 24 hours.

Thorough Home Exterior Inspections for Stucco or Stone Veneer

Our home exterior inspections for stucco and stone veneer are initially visual, and if further testing is determined necessary then a more invasive test is employed. Our inspections are visual at first, and then graduate to a moisture probe if the visual tests deem it necessary. We provide the homeowner then with a detailed report of the findings, compiled photos, and other data collected during the home exterior inspection.

We then provide the homeowner with a “Repair Protocol” to address issues found during our home exterior inspections. When a contractor is brought in to initiate repairs, we work with the contractor and the client to supply regular updates during the repair process through photographs and random site visits.

We perform extensive documentation to guarantee the customer is happy with the end result of their home exterior inspection once the repairs are complete. Call us right away at 888-304-3437 to discuss any home exterior inspection concerns and how we might assist you with them. You can also get in touch with us electronically by completing the easy-to-use form located on this page.

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